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Residential Whole House Generators for Homes in Medford, NJ 08055

Ronaldson Electrical Construction is a Medford, NJ residential whole house standby generator installer and Generac Authorized Generator Dealer.

A whole house home generator can power all or part of your family's Medford home during an electrical outage, making it critical to the safety, comfort, convenience, health and well‑being of your family. Whole house standby generators start up automatically, immediately when a power failure is detected, unlike portable generators (backup generators), which must be turned on manually. If maintained properly, these powerful generators can provide a reliable and steady source of electrical power to your Medford home with little to no disruptions for up to 15 years with relatively low upkeep.

Ronaldson Electrical Construction | Residential Generators in Medford NJ 08055

Permanent installation of a standby generator for your home is not a do-it-yourself project. You need to hire a reliable, experienced residential generator installer in Medford, NJ 08055 like Ronaldson Electrical Construction. At Ronaldson, we can help you decide on the home generator that will work best for your specific needs. And as a Generac Authorized Dealer, we comply with established training requirements for proper sizing and application of home generators. With Ronaldson Electrical Construction, you can be sure you're getting the best generator products and services for your Medford home.

Why Do I Need a Whole House Generator for My Medford NJ Home?

If you've ever had the electrical power go out at your Medford home during a storm, you know how inconvenient that can be. It can take hours, or sometimes days, for power to be restored. Say goodbye to food in your refrigerator, forget about using electrical devices that aren't already charged, get out the blankets during cold weather as your heating system will no longer work, and if you have well water then you won't be able to take a shower or wash dishes or flush the toilet! Without a home generator to keep the electric going at your Medford home during a power outage, you're back in the Dark Ages!

Generac Authorized Dealer

Ronaldson Electrical Construction | Home Generators in Medford NJ 08055

A whole house generator for your Medford home can help you avoid the inconvenience that comes with losing electrical power. Ronaldson Electrical Construction is a trusted, reliable home generator installer in Medford, NJ 08055. We work with only the highest quality, most reputable generator equipment and products, such as Generac. In fact, we are a Generac Authorized Generator Dealer. In addition to installing whole house generators in Medford homes, we also support your new generator with ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of a Medford Whole House Generator

With a whole house generator for your Medford NJ home, you and your family can enjoy safety and peace of mind when your electrical power goes out. A generator can keep the power on at home automatically during a blackout. It can ensure that you don't lose access to heat, air conditioning, and other important systems in your home, even medical devices that rely on consistent power. And a whole house standby generator can protect your Medford home from dangerous voltage surges when electrical power does return.

Generac Whole House Standby Generators

Residential Generator Replacement in Medford, NJ 08055

If you already have a whole house generator installed at your Medford home, there are a few things to look for in determining if it needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have any of these problems with your whole house generator, call Ronaldson Electrical Construction. We will inspect the generator and determine the best solution.

Worn Out Electrical Components

Damage to electrical components on or in your whole house generator can include frayed wires, loose connectors, and buttons that stick when you press them.


If your home generator has sprung a leak, it could be oil, fuel, or even coolant. No matter what kind of fluid is leaking from your generator, it needs to be checked out right away, as leaks can not only ruin your generator, but can be dangerous as well.

Trouble Starting or Running

If your Medford whole house generator has trouble starting, keeps shutting off, or suffers overloads that cause it to shut down, then it's no longer reliable and won't help you when you really need it. And if a generator has been sitting for a while without being used, it could have a drained battery or even damage to other parts of the engine.

Contact Us for a Whole House Generator For Your Medford, NJ Home

With the important benefits to gain by having a whole house standby generator at your Medford home, don't hesitate to contact the skilled, dependable Medford Generac Authorized generator installers at Ronaldson Electrical Construction for all your Medford, NJ whole house standby generator installation, service, repair and maintenance needs. Call us at 609-220-5335, email us, or visit our Generac Website for details about the Generac generator products we offer.

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